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Air Duct Repair

Air Duct Repair

Millions of tourists choose California as their favour destination, but it never occurs to them that besides the obvious famous cities of the state,

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Indoor Air Quality

Indoor Air Quality

In order to make sure that our customers can get the best services from our highly trained professionals,

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Dryer Duct Cleaning

Dryer Duct Cleaning

When your dryer duct is dirty and you can smell it, call Air Duct Cleaning in Danville to come get it cleaned for you.


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Home owners can read about dryer vent cleaning tips. It makes life so much easier

What to watch out for when you clean the air ducts

It would be wise to cover your face with a mask to avoid smelling the filthiness concentrated in the ducts. When you clean the HVAC unit, turn off the power and be extra careful with condenser unit cleaning, especially if you live in an apartment. Dry the filter well before you put it back to avoid accidents with the power.

How to avoid energy leak

The mission of air ducts is to transfer air from outside into the HVAC system just like human arteries transfer blood to the heart. If this procedure is interrupted, the unit will suffer and if air duct seal repair is not done on time, the heart of the unit will be seriously ill. Energy loss is also caused by reduced insulation, so do air duct coating repair.

Replace the old air ducts

Old air ducts are not installed properly and surely have lots of problems. In the past, air duct materials were not insulated and sealed properly. Damage is also expected throughout the years, let alone filthiness. Instead of dealing with all these problems, which require both air duct cleaning and repairs, it's best to acquire new ducts. Our professionals say that today ducts are more durable and installed in accordance to more modern techniques.

Air duct leaks require immediate sealing

It has been estimated that around 25% of the air moved by the HVAC ducts is lost. This results in lower energy efficiency. Besides, the leaks allow for contamination of the ducts and this brings down the indoor air quality. The sealing material must be specially formulated for the purpose. It has to be resistant to damage and long-lasting. It should cover the area around the hole for best results.

Watch out for signs of mold in the air ducts

The most easily noticeable one is musty smell coming out of the HVAC registers. If the smell is persistent and becomes even stronger, the mold is most certainly growing at a high rate and spreads quickly. Very often it spreads to the registers. You may also find traces of it on the air filter. You must act quickly to get rid of the mold once its presence has been confirmed. The air ducts should be cleaned and properly sealed.

Always clean HVAC vents and registers from both sides

This will help you to get the best result. You will have cleaner indoor air for longer and your HVAC system will work efficiently. Additionally, when you remove the vents and registers for cleaning, you will be able to perform a close inspection for mold and other worrying signs that the air ducts should be cleaned too.

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